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Caribbean Housing Limited, working hand in hand with its sister companies Westmoorings Limited (incorporated in 1969) and Jang Estates Limited (incorporated in 1957), have been developing homes and communities since their respective incorporations.

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  • 1958 – Elizabeth Gardens, St. Joseph

    1958-1976: Along the east/west corridor, we developed 109 lots – 77 sold as land only and the remainder with completed homes – in what was Trinidad’s original capital. The safe,

  • 1968 – CHL Incorporated. 17 Maraval Road, POS

    1968: Caribbean Housing Limited became an incorporated entity, committed to creating community-minded spaces throughout the country.

  • 1968 – Edinburgh Village, Chaguanas

    1968-1976: We divided a 48-acre spread into 34 lots of land for sale and 208 completed single-family homes.

  • 1970 – Goodwood Gardens, Diego Martin

    1970-1972: In an era of dynamic social change in the country, we began construction on a 12-acre space with 86 lots – 69 of which we sold as single family

  • 1972 – Westmoorings

    1972-1998: We built 25 homes in Westmoorings North that were eagerly purchased by the pioneering residents of what has remained one of the country’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. An additional 179

  • 1974 – Blue Basin Gardens, Diego Martin

    1974-1975: We created a community of 34 single-family residences in this verdant valley, close to landmarks like the Diego Martin Water Wheel and the spectacular Blue Basin Waterfall.  

  • 1975 - St. Andrew's Court, Fairways, Maraval

    1975-1976: As the demand for townhouse living grew, we began to develop self-contained, gated communities within larger, established residential neighbourhoods.

  • 1976 – Hacienda Court, Fairways, Maraval

    1976-1977: Building on the duplex model of St. Andrew’s Court, we constructed this Spanish-style town home community which has stood the test of time and is still in demand as

  • 1976 – Victoria Gardens South, Diego Martin

    1976-1978: When we started work on this family-friendly community, we envisaged it becoming one of the most popular neighbourhoods in west Trinidad. Nearly 50 years later, it still is.

  • 1977 – Tumpuna Gardens, Arima

    1977: We built 59 homes on 12 acres of land in an active community with a growing interest in high-quality residential units.

  • 1978 - Chalet Court, Fairways, Maraval

    1978-1979: Also nestled in the northern foothills, this townhouse community of 16 units has a cozy feel, bordered by mountain views.

  • 1978 – Sierra Vista Gardens, Diego Martin

    1978-1979: We constructed 30 single-family homes to create a quiet, charming neighbourhood.

  • 1980 - West Mall Shopping Centre, Westmoorings

    A critical part of our vision for the Westmoorings community was our construction of West Mall – a 15-acre complex that was, at the time, the largest ever in the

  • 1980 – Buccaneer Drive, Westmoorings

    1980-1981: We developed and sold 29 lots of land in the existing Westmoorings development, where buyer interest remained strong.

  • 1982 – Schooner Court, Westmoorings

    1982-1988: This sub-section of Westmoorings South-West included the construction and sale of 76 townhouses.

  • 1983 – Admiral Court, Westmoorings

    1983-1985: This popular development enjoyed an incredible repsonse from homeowners – the 52 townhouses that we built all sold very quickly.

  • 1984 – Crossbay Court, Westmoorings

    1984-1990: The Crossbay section of our Westmoorigns development included the design and construction of 74 townhouses, all of which were sold to new homeonwers.

  • 1985 – Dolphin Court, Westmoorings

    1985-1991: In keeping with the nautical theme, Dolphin Court soon followed, with the construction and sale of 92 townhouses.

  • 1986 – Commodore Court, Westmoorings

    1986-1990: In the last phase of our townhome developments in Westmoorings, we constructed and sold 44 townhouses.

  • 1986 – Edinburgh Gardens, Chaguanas

    1986-2010: Consisting of neighbourhoods like North Avenue Park, St. Andrew’s Park, Balmoral Park, Aberdeen Park and Phase 1B, this development added 790 more homes to the community. The area is

  • 1990 – Westmoorings-by-the-Sea

    1990-1996: We continued to grow the Westmoorings community by developing 19 lots of land and constructing 16 single-family homes.

  • 1994 – Phase 1B, Edinburgh Gardens, Chaguanas

    1994-1998: We constructed and sold 103 single-family homes in this already vibrant community.

  • 1998 – St. Andrew’s Park, Edinburgh Gardens, Chaguanas

    1998-2001: On the completion of Phase 1B, we built and sold an additional 84 single-family homes.

  • 2000 – Aberdeen Park and Balmoral Park, Edinburgh Gardens, Chaguanas

    2000-2010: The final phases of development in this community included the construction and sale of 335 and 175 single-family homes, respectively.

  • 2010 – Brentwood Palms, Chaguanas

    2010-2014: Brentwood Palms is a gated residential community comprising 80 lots of land, on which homeowners have constructed privately designed, upscale homes.

  • 2010 – Brentwood, Chaguanas

    2010-Present: As part of our vision for developing the 500-acre area that was previously home to the Edinburgh Estate, we began construction on Brentwood– a 75 acre self-contained community encompassing

  • 2010 – Brookhaven, Chaguanas

    2010-Present: A self-contained, residential community in Chaguanas, Brookhaven has an old world charm, yet gives residents access to all the amenities of modern suburban living. We began the development with

  • 2010 – UNIPET, Brentwood, Chaguanas

    2010-2012: CHL developed and sold a parcel of land, on which United Independent Petroleum Marketing Company Limited's (UNIPET) has built its 24-hour gas station and modern convenience store.  With 24

  • 2013 – Chuck E Cheese’s, Brentwood, Chaguanas

    2013-2014: Brentwood’s first commercial tenant was the popular Chuck E. Cheese’s game and food franchise.  Opened in July 2014, it soon became the largest grossing family restaurant in the global

  • 2014 – Brentwood Court, Chaguanas

    2014-Present: A residential gated community of 221 multi-family units for sale, spread across 14 acres, immediately off the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway. This delightful development is the perfect environment for

  • 2016 – Brentwood Professional Centre

    2016-Present: A modern, three-story commercial building on about 52,740 sq. ft. of land, with approximately 36,000 sq. ft. of leasable area. Brentwood Professional Centre is the ideal headquarters for professional

  • 2016 – Stirling Gardens, Brookhaven

    2016-2019: Located within the Brookhaven community, only a few minutes’ drive from the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, Stirling Gardens is a gated residential development with 59 lots of prime land

  • 2017 – Glendale Gardens, Brookhaven

    2017-Present: Located south-east of Brentwood and a 3-minute drive from the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, Glendale Gardens is a gated, private residential community of unfurnished single-family units in two- and

  • 2018 – Brentwood Mall

    2018-Present: A modern, 2-storey mall fusing enclosed suburban and plaza design concepts. Brentwood Mall sits on one (1) acre of flat land and enjoys direct access and excellent visibility from

  • 2020 – Kensington Gardens, Brookhaven

    2020-Present: Located within the friendly Brookhaven community, Kensington Gardens is a private, gated residential development of 114 fully-serviced lots of land. Newlyweds, families and professionals now wishing to build their

  • 2021 – Grocery Shopping, Brentwood, Chaguanas

    2021-2022: Massy Stores Supermarkets will be offering a premium shopping experience from a second location in central Trinidad. Added to its existing location in Chaguanas, the Supermarket chain has commenced

  • Present – Commercial Land for Sale/Lease, Brentwood, Chaguanas

    Present: Just under three acres have been reserved for specific uses that will add value to Brentwood. Located at the roundabout, these flat, fully serviced lots enjoy a high degree